March 19, 2008

No one should ever be allowed…

To eat this much in a matter of days. My trip to Austin was awesome to say the least. Who knew how fun bright orange paint could be. Before being whisked away by the coolest girl alive, I stuffed my face with lunch at Patrizio’s. Let’s review:

Chicken & Spinach Lasagna

Eggplant Parmigiana with Angel Hair

Down in Austin
, I found myself extremely domesticated, cooking day and night waiting for my lover to come home. (Not that I’m complaining!) Anita, Diana and I had a cute little brunch at Vespaio along South Congress. The street scene is amazingly trendy with many style inspirations EVERYWHERE—I enjoyyy.

Crispy Crab Cake with Brown Butter Hollandaise & Sauteed Spinach

The innards.

Pine Nut Honey Tart (Flaky Sweet & Savory Pate Sucree)

I had to take another shot.

Utilizing all resources in the Shen-Park kitchen.

Saltine, Spicy Chip Encrusted Chicken served with a side of Sriracha Mayo
and Limes

Our dinner.

I always need my caffeine fix in the morning.

My giant coconut macaroons with dark chocolate blackberry sauce & chopped walnuts; they were said to bring inspiration for painting and uniting an uncommon marriage between a duck and the gas mask man.

Say hello to Chris Marco
’s pot roast. Look at that color!

I couldn’t resist another macro shot.

Only the best soul mate, edamame pea in a pod a girl could ask for, and check out her devious stance.

Steamed vegetable dumplings that look way better than they taste.

’s steamed artichoke with a secret vinaigrette recipe. (I think it’s time you spilled the beans.)

With a hungry belly right off the plane, my parents rushed me for an emergency feed at Bread Winners. Note: Breakfast is not my thing, but this one was a must.

An afternoon snack at Luna de Noche provided by the oh-so-generous Cornell Alumnus, David Kismet ’82. Chinese people can never pass up free food, especially food that includes Crab Quesadillas and Jalapeno Poppers.

I swear my parents forced me to eat dinner! La Duni’s Choripan (Grilled Argentinean Sausage in a Popover). I won’t even explain the rest…

I didn’t want to overdose on pictures though I probably already did. Sadly, these pictures don’t even cover half of what I ate. WHAT A BEAST.

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