February 17, 2009

Occasionally, but only occasionally...

I am in the mood for hearty grub like Texan barbecue, and tonight, I needed every excuse to use my new spicy barbecue sauce from Salt Lick. I definitely overextended myself thinking my stomach could hold more than it should, but nonetheless, I am happily stuffed and finally inspired to blog again. Double win? For dinner, Simon, Jen and I munched on cheddar cheese stuffed biscuits, turkey sausages, biscuit sirloin burgers, brownie bites, and chocolate covered Texas pecans.

Was not in the mood to make homemade biscuits, so I pulled a Sandra Lee.

Couldn't find porky sausage links at Gristedes, but turkey sausage tastes surprisingly delicious with barbecue sauce.

Waiting for the cheese to melt. Sirloin patties are rubbed with homemade Cajun spice rub and sea salt and grilled.

The center is not pink. :[

Sirloin patty, cheddar cheese, buttery biscuits, and sauceeeeeee!

Lady at Gristedes decided to give me a free box of V-day brownie bites.

Pecans + Salt Water Taffy = <3!

I miss Texas, but luckily, this tastes like Texas to me.