January 26, 2009

How do you celebrate Chinese New Year

without your family? The four years spent at Cornell I still felt surrounded by family because my friends are just a homely bunch. Living and working in the city, you get much less opportunity to play and enjoy the festivities. But, you make do with what you got. So, how exactly did I celebrate?

On Chinese New Year's Eve, Apartment 17B merged with Apartment 13F for a tasting of my tarts. No Chinese food yet.

Hazelnut Pistachio Frangipane with Peaches and Blueberry

Fresh Fruit Tart

Chinese New Year, I was conveniently sent to the Southern District court down on Pearl Street and managed to take a "lunch" break exploring Chinatown at its prime. Oh yes, Mott Street was a shit show of confetti, red firecrackers, and gangster teeny-boppers crowding Fay Da Bakery and Ten Ren. My bad for interrupting their daily hang out. Never been a fan of crowds, but they couldn't deter me today. I scored myself a nice package of roasted duck and bbq pork for dinner tonight. Win.

Oh Mott Street!

I spotted the cutest girl.

She was shy when I stuck my camera in her face.

Red everywhere.

Flaky egg custard from Tai Pan Bakery that I inhaled on the subway. Crumbs covered all corners of my mouth. I looked plain silly.

This is why I love New York subways.

A plate of bbq pork, roasted duck, and turnip cake devoured by roommate and I.

Happy Chinese New Year.


Unknown said...

god jess. im starvinggg and reading your site really doesn't help =P

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