April 6, 2008

Where do I...

even begin detailing the massive montage of food and munchies this weekend? I love senior reunions that rekindle friendships; we are so ridiculously awesome/cute.

Assorted French Macarons from Au Pain Dore have chewy almond exteriors with a center of ganache spread to the edges of the cookie. I could seriously eat these mini treats non-stop. What a shame...

Kathy and I fear admitting New York City's defeat in crafting the best cupcakes in the world, but I must commend Le Glaceurs for these moist, perfectly sweetened, cupcakes.

Before digging into my Banana Walnut cupcake, I just want to point out the tiny marzipan banana decoration and the gorgeous swirls of banana cream cheese frosting.

Looks can be deceiving. Upon first glance, the Shoulder of Lamb from Alexandre looks like a pile of who knows what, but the slow-braised, tender hunk of meat sits on a potato mush soaking up apple glaze.

After those cupcakes, I am too ashamed to post the recipe and pictures of my humble little lemon cream cheese cupcakes. It shall be saved for a later post.

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Unknown said...

yayyy for all the yummy things in montreal. your pictures are lovely.
and your cheesecake cupcake thingies were yummy :)